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A global music legend merged with a live concert VR platform. Then we remixed their app and web experience, reimagining what a brand made for music fans could really be.
The new brand was successfully deployed across all key touch points in Q3 2022.
Brand Strategy
Brand Messaging
Identity Design
Web Design
Art Direction
03 Napster Mobile
03 Napster Desktop
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Major competitors were moving away from music, into generic programming and podcasts. We stayed true to what made us famous, revamping the identity without walking away from our brand equity or our new audience: 
Crate-digging fans.
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A design system that feels alive, complete with a fresh color palette and expressive UI iconography. New media concepts and content series that combine video, live concerts and curation by real humans.
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Bonus tracks: modular playlist branding, a new album-length listening feature called analog mode, and a web experience that set Napster up to enter the Web3 space. Up next: turning more fans and artists into rights holders.
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