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We’re all a little tired of furniture that favors aesthetics above everything. Because in reality? We just want to be comfortable. So with Homebody, we built a brand that fully embraces pure, unbridled comfort.
As seen in Domino Magazine, and rated “10/10 for nap-a-bility” by Architectural Digest.
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How do you connect with comfort when we’ve forgotten what it feels like? By associating it with our most cherished memories. Because a soft couch is fine — but a couch that evokes that “take your bra off” feeling? That’s true, transcendent comfort.
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Life after comfort isn’t untouched couches, pristine fabrics, and showroom chic. It’s the lived-in moments of everyday comfort: lazy lounges, cushy cuddles, and happy accidents — because living comfy comfy is always a little messy.
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Owning the most comfortable couch in the known universe is just the beginning. It’s the warm & fuzzies shared together in squishy bliss that make the coziest memories — and allow us to truly embrace our inner Homebody.
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