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Is there an ingredient that would ruin your day, week, or life if consumed? For millions with dietary restrictions, what you can’t eat becomes part of your identity. Fig was built to give those folks a new lens on life to see all the foods they can eat.
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How do you compile thousands of ingredient lists, products, community stories, and medical professionals in a way that doesn’t overwhelm? Meet people where they are and expedite the user’s journey.
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Mundane, tedious, restrictive, and a lack of spontaneity—that’s how people describe living with dietary restrictions. So we brought in spring, pop and infused a sense of levity with cues from internet culture. 

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Feelings of isolation in one's journey to live with dietary restrictions are unfortunately the norm. So, the feature most important to the brand beyond ease of use is community. Fig isn't just an app, it's a movement.
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