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Each & Every was known for their cult-favorite natural deodorant. But their mission, market and product set? 
By 2021, it was much, much bigger. So we gave them a brand identity, content production and messaging upgrade to match.
A refined design system. 
Lush settings & lifestyle content. 
And simple, straight-forward language. 
For hair, skin and body care with nothing to hide, 
we created a brand experience for one & all.
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Conversion and storytelling. Micro copy and macro shots. 
Education and entertainment. To create the right brand moments for our audience, we struck a balance between the sensorial and the functional.
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Each & Every creates formulations that don’t just work. 
They uplift. With texture. Aroma. Intent in every detail.
 A mix of art and science. What we did: Express this feeling with visual & verbal design.
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