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Sex is as mental as it is physical for many. 
But desire is a market that mostly serves men. Until now. 
Allow us the pleasure of introducing the only 
audio erotica app created for women, by women.
Since rebranding, the company’s experienced a 30% increase in membership conversion rates.
Brand Strategy
Identity Design
Web Design
Product Design
Art Direction
Content Production
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The entire design system was created to make our audience feel the heat. Curvy, serif type invites self-discovery. A lush palette puts you in the mood from the moment you lay eyes on it. And our animation gives you just one…peek…at a time.
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Our mantra: design that's as desirable as the content itself. To get our audience good and lost in the story, we designed barely there UI. To keep them wanting more, we captured small moments. Stills and motion that felt really hot. 
And really real.
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Is it hot in here, or is it just this tone of voice? 
Sultry and invitatory, it’s also thoroughly consensual. Because desire is all in the details. And Dipsea? 
They’re drawing more women in to listen, imagine 
and light themselves up.
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